Public Service Announcement

In the past month there have been an increase of infections. Please read the information below as it can affect both your home and work computers.

Here is the first important rule:
Do not open any Email file that has a file extension of:

[.exe] Executable program.
[.vbs] Executable program in Visual Basic.
[.zip] Executable unzip program that may contain the above files.

The [.exe] or [.vbs] means that the file is a program and will run when it is opened.

What may happen when it runs?

  • Freezes I locks you workstation I modifies your workstation configuration
  • Hijacks Internet Explorer and/or Windows Explorer Hides your files and the files on the server
  • Erases your files and the files on the server
  • Encrypts your files and the files on the server so you can’t use them

Here is a second important rule.

Do not open any suspicious emails.


  • UPS is sending you a package that you’re not expecting [THEY ARE NOT].
  • The IRS is sending you an important message about your refund [THEY ARE NOT]. A warrant has been issued for you arrest [IT HAS NOT].
  • Banks, Credit Card Companies and any legitimate company will never ask for: Your user name, Your password, You’re SSN

The Third rule
If you get a phone call from someone and they tell you your computer is sending out a bunch of information. Then they want to take control of your computer and fix it. This is a scam!

If you ever get a message that Your Files Are Being Encrypted Pull the plug on your workstation. If you have a notebook do a shutdown.