Truck accidents cause almost 60,000 injuries and 5,000 deaths every year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.   Because of their size, accidents involving trucks (especially semis) are often very bad.   Because of this trucking operations are subject to extensive Federal and State regulations and laws that are greater than that of automobiles.   Typically these regulations govern who can be hired as a truck driver in the first place, the supervision and monitoring of drivers, the maintenance of the tractors and trailers, the hours that truck drivers are allowed to work and drug and alcohol screening. 

Over the years we have handled many truck crashes that have caused devastating consequences ranging from death, brain damage to paralysis.  It is our experience that the lawyers and insurance companies defending truck companies are particularly aggressive.  When a semi accident happens it is quite common for the truck company defenders to IMMEDIATELY launch their investigation and defense of the truck.   You can imagine the disadvantage it puts to the person or the family of a deceased person.  While you may be suffering in the hospital and struggling to survive or grieving over your spouse or child, the truck and its insurance company is out working to defeat you.  “witnesses (often other truck-drivers)” get secured by the insurance company, driver logs often get destroyed, damaging photographic evidence disappears, the cars and trucks involved get tampered with and evidence destroyed or manufactured.    THEREFORE IT IS CRUCIAL FOR THE ACCIDENT VICTIM OR THE FAMILY TO OBTAIN A REPUTABLE AND PROACTIVE LAWFIRM TO WORK FOR THEM.  

I have seen unbelievable things ranging from cutting brakes on a victim’s car to make it appear that the crash was due to the victim’s poor breaking, to manufactured false witnesses, to destruction of witness identities left with the truck driver but who had to leave the crash site, to destruction of incriminating evidence.  In one very recent case, our paralyzed and severely injured client was removed from the crash scene on the Borman Expressway before the investigating trooper arrived.  The trooper only got the truck driver’s version blaming our client and he wrote the report that way at the crash scene on his onboard computer.   Days later our client becomes conscious and gives a completely different version.   The truck drivers logs get destroyed and photographic evidence taken of the truck get destroyed.  The insurance defense hires an expert accident re-constructionist to support the truck driver’s version.   However, once hired in depth and consistent work revealed that the truck driver was way over his hours of service restrictions and therefore fatigued and procurement of the 911 tape before it was gone revealed the 911 caller to be an eyewitness that corroborated our client’s version of the crash. 

Common causes of truck accidents involve fatigue and speed.  It is important to secure evidence as soon as possible especially with the truck company immediately working to escape responsibility.