What Not to Do

1. Don’t hire a lawyer that solicits you. in many states it is unethical and at best unseemly.
2. Don’t hire a lawyer based only upon a billboard, phonebook ad, or internet search.
3. Don’t allow a trucking or insurance investigator/lawyer/adjustor to statemetize your loved one. You should always be honest but they are often skilled in building a defense.
4. Don’t think the first thing to do is to run to a lawyer. Take care of the important life things first: getting everyone safe/secure, contacting the essential people such as friends, family, clergy, and employers.

What to Do

1. Preserve as much information as you reasonably can: write down names of potential witnesses.take pertinent photos,check the news blogs(sometime witnesses that were not identified at the scene blog a story).
2. Promptly obtain an experienced and ethical lawyer. Word of mouth followed by a free consultation is best. If during the consultation something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Ask questions.
3. Communicate with your lawyer and staff. They work for you and want to hear from you especially if something changes.
4. Most importantly, concentrate on getting your and your loved one’s life back together. If it is an injury, working hard at getting well and back to work is key. If death is involved, be a healer and remember that your loved one wouldn’t want his/her to suffer.