In our building there are two restaurants on the first floor of the Galleria II Building:  Casa Vieja and Bin 27.    CASA VIEJA in Spanish means the old house.  It is open for lunch and dinner.  The food ranging from fajitas to tacos is excellent as are the margaritas.  The owner, Pedro, is hands on and works hard with his excellent wait-staff to make sure the customers are pleased.  If you are in the mood for Mexican you should give it a try.  We are having our office Christmas luncheon there.

BIN 27 is owned by Ryan.  It was formally Venice but Ryan became the owner and did a makeover. Currently it doesn’t open until 4pm so it is more of an after work/dinner venue.   The menu is American and the food is excellent.  The bar area is beautiful and has a certain pizzazz.  The wait-staff is excellent and eager to please.