It’s HALLOWEEN and what better time to research fear.  Fear is an emotional instinct designed in us to protect us.  Fight, flight and freeze are the basic reactions to the perception of a threat. Fear can cause us to make irrational responses, act emotionally, panic and remove clarity of thought.   Fear of failure is one of the most common and crippling emotions that can limit your potential in life.  Fear of social censure is powerful and makes one feel lonely.

Here are some basic tips garnered from research:

  1. Take positive action and learn more about the thing you are afraid of and then do it. The old adages of facing the fear, getting back on the horse or bicycle are true.
  2. When faced with an immediate fear, take time out to physically calm yourself. Take a deep breath or maybe a short walk.  Breathing slowly and deeply trying to cope with the panic you are feeling.
  3. Imagine the worst thing that can happen. Often it isn’t that bad. Especially in a social situation, what is the worst that can happen?  Someone says no or someone thinks you are stupid – so what?
  4. Visualize a happy place or time. Imagine a place of safety and calm or a happy memory. Let positive feelings soothe you.
  5. Talk about it. Sharing it with someone else is cathartic.
  6. Visualize doing it and a positive outcome and then do it.

The bottom line is that fear is a natural emotion.  Everyone has it.  Overcoming fear breeds confidence and confidence breeds success.