1. Fidgeting – Tonya Reiman, the author of “The Power of Body Language,” says it demonstrates nervousness and a lack of power.
  2. Shuffling instead of walking – walk with confidence and coordination. Don’t shuffle through life.
  3. Having a defensive pose – sometimes people cross their arms or put them in their pockets because they don’t know what to do with their hands. This makes you look defensive and untrustworthy. When a listener can’t see your hands they wonder what you are hiding – keep your hands in view when talking.
  4. Playing with your hair or running your hand across your scalp – this is distracting
  5. Bad use of your hands – hand gestures while speaking can be very effective. However don’t point or be like an orchestra leader.  Try to be natural.
  6. Forgetting to smile – smiling demonstrates confidence, warmth and energy and encourages the listener to smile back.
  7. Appearing distracted – looking off, checking your phone, not listening comes across as rude and uncaring.
  8. Slouching – stand up straight otherwise you look unconfident.
  9. No or aggressive eye contact – no eye contact conveys disgust or a lack of confidence. The long intense stare is just weird and makes the listener uncomfortable.
  10. Too still or too jumpy – try to mirror the person you are communicating.  This is called “mirroring” and leaves the listener perceiving you as positive and persuasive.  Poker faces are best left for playing poker and jumpy is best left for cheering on your favorite team.