At the law firm, because of the work we do, we are often in contact with individuals who suffered catastrophic injuries.  As a result they may have suffered severe disabilities.   There is an Indiana company of which all of us hoosiers should be proud of:  BraunAbility in Winamac, Indiana.  BraunAbility specializes in making and selling vehicles that have been adapted for people with disabilities.  It is a worldwide company and employs 1200 individuals.  It has relationships with Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Toyota, Honda and Nissan to give mobility to those with disabilities.

It was started in 1963 by Ralph Braun, now deceased, who was robbed of his ability to walk at age 15.  The company grew and has touched hundreds of thousands of lives all over the world.  Mr. Braun’s 5 rules for the company are still in effect today:

  • Put the customer first
  • No excuses
  • Surround yourself with good people
  • Never stop improving
  • Believe in your God-given abilities

These are good rules for any company or firm to live by.  KUDOS to BraunAbilities!