With approximately 94 percent of all vehicular crashes occurring because of human error, drivers should beware of distractions that frequently cause accidents. According to a survey done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in Washington, D.C., 87 percent of the 2,442 survey participants engaged in one or more risky behaviors.

Here are the 6 worst driver distractions that the drivers confessed to committing at least once behind the wheel in the 30 days prior to the survey:

  1. Cell phone distraction: According to the survey, nearly 70 percent of drivers admitted to talking on a cell phone while driving. Approximately 42 percent stated they have read text messages or emails while driving, and about 32 percent admitted to typing a text message or email while driving.
  1. Speeding: Nearly 48 percent of the drivers polled in the survey admitted they exceeded the posted speed limited by 15 miles per hour on the highway, and 45 percent reported going 10 miles per hour over the limit on a residential street.
  1. Lack of sleep: Approximately 32 percent of the survey members reported that they have driven drowsy, almost to the extent of not being able to keep their eyes open.
  1. Running the red: More than 39 percent of the drivers admitted to driving through the intersection when the traffic signal had just turned red.
  1. Failing to use a seatbelt: Eighteen percent of the survey members admitted to driving without a seat belt.
  1. Drinking and driving: According to the survey, 13 percent of the polled drivers confessed that they have driven while under the influence.

All of the above driver distractions can result in injuries as well as death. As a law firm practicing largely in the area of personal injury, we see the results of these distractions on a daily basis. Please use the upmost caution when getting behind a vehicle and make smart choices for the safety of yourself as well as the other drivers on the road.


Source: NWI Times, autos section; Image by Getty