The AAA recently issued a news release that beginning Memorial Day is the “100 Deadliest Days” for teen crash deaths. The deaths involve persons other than the teens as well as the teens themselves. Almost 60% of teen crashes involve distractions behind the wheel. We all see people on the road glancing down undoubtedly at cell phones. Texting and the use of social media while driving is common. It seems that people have become addicted to social media.

So why is summer worse for teen crashes than other months? Simple: teens drive more. There are multiple sources of distraction: texting, facebook, others in the car, talking on the phone, distractions outside and inside the car.
So what can be done about it? It has to start at the home. First and foremost is that the parent has to teach by example. If the child sees the parent using his/her cell while driving, all the conversations or family rules fall on deaf ears. Then, combine cell phone usage with drinking and driving and you have a perfect storm.

One rule to try and live by: you never want to have to be the customer of a lawyer, doctor or policeman. It is usually a bad circumstance.